Tumbling Into Balance, by Debbie Engelmann, BS, NHD

Our daily walk through life can be seen symbolically as stepping upon a tightrope stretched across the vastness of space, and quite possibly, life challenges are designed as intricate parts of constructing and fine-tuning the human soul. It may be surprising to introduce the premise that the soul is “made”, not discovered.  The pain and trouble we encounter throughout life carves the contours of our soul.  By fully experiencing both the sensation of falling off the tightrope, as well as the sensation of maintaining balance amongst the ups and downs of life, we build and strengthen our soul.  Through becoming intimate with the sensations of balance and tumbling, we actually make space in our soul for our life to play out with authenticity and meaning.  Balance is all about letting go, not about being perfect.

It is evident the universe is quite playful and responsive to our needs for personal growth. Some days our tightrope may need to be ten feet wide with hand rails to protect us as we develop and gain confidence and balance.  Other days it may seem quite easy to blissfully walk a much narrower tightrope.  Ideally, the tightrope is just wide enough to keep us in the upper end of the learning zone rather than moving off into danger.

Within each moment, we can simultaneously be conscious, mindfully, and fully present as we walk our personal tightrope, however, know there is an amazing physics property that influences balance.  There are two stages of “balance”.  The first stage is the action of walking with grace and consciousness. The second state is tumbling.  Tumbling is not falling; however, the sensation of tumbling can exaggerate our fear of losing control, losing our mindfulness, and it can intensify our fear of failure.  A powerful point to remember is this.  At the exact moment we acknowledge we are beginning to tumble, we start moving back toward balance – naturally.  We land back on the rope and regain balance without effort.  We do not fall – we simply lose balance so our sense of balance can be refreshed.

As we experiment with learning how to tumble without fear, we may temporarily feel stressed out about being distressed and anxious about feeling anxious. It is crucial to practice gentle self-care at this point, without judgement.  Focus on sensing how you feel when you are balanced as clearly as you know how you feel when you are beginning to tumble.  Having the ability to recognize both stages of balance is how we learn a deeper type of soul-balance.  Authentic, fluid balance does not emerge from learning how to control.  It evolves through understanding balance is already a natural state of being.

With patience, trust, and mindful practice, balance becomes the predominate state of daily living  and each moment will be filled with joy, wonder, discovery, love, and creative expression.  As we grapple with the intense demands of our ever-accelerating world, imagine yourself to be a child learning to take your first steps.


When you tumble, bounce back up with a big giggly smile of happiness and try it all over again. That’s the secret to just about everything in life – by connecting to the childlike wonder deep within us, we open the door to unlimited possibilities and the ability to gaze at the world with innocence and awe.

With balance.

For more information please visit:  www.createdbynaturewellness.com, or contact Debbie by email:  createdbynaturewellness@charter.net.


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