Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program

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Special Offer

With one small step, make a quantum leap in life.

Spaces are limited to only 20 women. Apply today.

9 month course

9 Experts

October 2021


Join a small, exclusive group of women from around the world and let’s co-create together.



(October 2021 – June 2022)

The Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program is a 9 month extraordinary journey to train women entrepreneurs, professionals, and societal leaders to integrate their lives to make maximum impact in the world.

This is the premier transformational program for women who want to live life to the fullest.


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Women worldwide


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Feminine Calibration Goes Beyond Leadership

The most powerful leaders in the world live an integrated life, which is why they are so rare. When you tune in and really look at the people who inspire you, what is it that they all have in common? Great leaders from Ghandi to Oprah and everyone in between have found the access to their power through aligning all aspects of their life, their internal state, their family lives, their resources towards one thing – fulfilling on their purpose.

Yet over the course of this thing called life you were taught to reject your natural leadership ability. Maybe growing up you were called “bossy”, “too loud” or “too much”. It wasn’t safe for you to be fully expressed.

So you learned to play by the rules. The rules where the more you acted like a man, the more “success” you got. And you got really good at playing the game. So good that you could out man any man.

Until one day, the strategy no longer worked for you. Burnt out, exhausted, and maybe even suffering from a major health scare, you knew you could no longer go on this way. Years of operating almost 100% from your masculine, with your feminine superpower tied behind your back had taken their toll.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program for women just like you.

So that you can realign your ego to serve your soul.

We know that when we engage with things that are meaningful for us and liberate our wheels of life from what’s slowing us down, we liberate ourselves and we liberate others. From there we can pick up the pieces of who we truly are and put them in their proper places to stand in the feminine power of our birth right.

How the Feminine Calibration Process Works

The Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program is for women who believe they were born to make a difference in the world and are looking for their unique place to serve where they can express who they truly are, bring their passion and talents, and fulfil on their purpose.

Not to mention, life just works better when it’s calibrated

The Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program is an extraordinary journey of transformation, collaboration and impact.

The program combines personalised and collective mentoring, group dynamics, and synergy, opportunities for both action and reflection, ways of addressing the domains of mind, matter, spirit and emotions, and a myriad of transformative tools and processes, including vibrational essences and transformational music.

This is what Calibration is.

You have “retooled” your thinking and being such that the things that get in your way are removed, let go of or handled, you’ve got your alignment through collaboration and you are now ready to fly.

It is our signature GIFEW leadership experience for women who want to expand, grow, design and integrate their lives.

Five reasons

to join the Ultimate Feminine Calibration program

1. Learn from 9 experts in integrated leadership,

individual and collective transformation and the new culture paradigm on how to calibrate your life to make maximum impact

2. Co-create your force field of women from around the world

aligned to your purpose, passion, and talents with a power that can last a lifetime

3. Get practical experience and leadership opportunities

inside the program that will explode your impact beyond the program

4. Completely transform your outlook and plan for 2021

on how you will fulfil on your purpose and potential

5. Create synergistic collaboration with the top women leaders

in the world got your alignment through collaboration and you are now ready to fly.

What the Ultimate Feminine Calibration program is

A 9 month extraordinary journey that will teach you to unlock your feminine superpower, to live an integrated life, and maximize your impact in the world.

1. 9 months of expert guidance

GIFEW is the world’s best personal growth platform for women, and it has packaged its premier feminine leadership curriculum and faculty into a life changing, 9 month accelerator to deliver the guidance and direction for women to integrate their lives, activate their natural feminine power, and make quantum leaps in their level of impact.

2. A powerful, optimally designed program

The program is delivered over 9 months with over 20 live mentoring sessions.

Each woman sets her own personal intention for the program and is strategically woven with the other woman to ensure she fulfils on her intention for the program and beyond.

3. An affordable and critical investment

The time investment between the mentoring and coursework is 3-4 hours per week. The program cost is normally €9,700 and provides full guidance from our expert faculty.

However, for the women who join the program before end of September, they will get the full program for € 7500

Participation in this program will provide you with:


Clarity on your purpose and vision, identity, mission and direction


A personal website that expresses your authentic identity in the world which attracts what you want to manifest


A life that you powerfully design which aligns everything that is important to you


Your authentic feminine power, vitality, leadership and a new kind of wealth


A new team for your life of global women to collaborate with in your life, family, communities, businesses and projects


A safe, trusting, inspiring and stimulating space to foster opportunities for collaboration, accelerated growth, performance and meaningful accomplishment


A new type of power in which you can co-create with anyone, anytime, and anywhere no matter the circumstances

What you get in the Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program

1. 9 months of expert guidance

A high impact, 9 month program delivering the guidance and direction for you to calibrate your life and make impact in the world.

2. More than twenty 2 hour live mentoring calls

delivered by GIFEW Faculty giving you access to cutting-edge transformation technology to integrate into your natural way of being so that you can activate your natural feminine power, and make quantum leaps in life.

3. Empowering structures for fulfilment

Each student is woven together with the other students to create teams and synergy for fulfilling on what’s important to you.

4. Practical leadership opportunities

Each student has the opportunity to take on a practical leadership role inside of the program and be mentored in a small group of team leaders.

Meet  Your  Head Mentor

Bea Benkova, Founder & CEO GIFEW

Growing up in Communist Czechoslovakia, Bea was raised believing that she could make a difference in the world. So she embarked on an educational track that would make her the governor of a central bank including studying at Oxford and completing Masters degrees in Banking and Economics as well asRisk Management. Bea worked for a number of large financial institutions in the City of London and also co-founded the Slovak British Business Council (SBBC), a London-based organisation for which she served as the Chairwoman of the Board for two and a half years.

While working in the high-pressure environment of the City of London, Bea couldn’t help but notice how unhappy, dissatisfied and burnt out people were, particularly women. She saw women surrendering their femininity and emotional fitness to succeed in the corporate world. She knew there had to be another way.

In 2012, Bea created GIFEW – a new kind of transformational education created by women for women. GIFEW offers women the ability to create whatever their soul desires and make impact in the world. Bea has personally coached women CEOs, public figures, politicians, scientists, authors, artists, educators, and many more types of leaders, which is how she became known as the best coach for women in the world. Bea loves coaching women from all walks of life and professions. What they all have in common is a real desire to make a difference to others.

Steps to take

Step 1: APPLY & JOIN

On joining you will be invited to an orientation call with a GIFEW Constellation Leader where you will get focused on the key outcomes you want to achieve during the 9 months and where you feel you will need the most support.

Then you will be invited to join our exclusive community of Ultimate Feminine Calibration students where you can connect, share opportunities, resources and learning.

Step 2:


You will get access to the first trimestre program calendar. This includes the live mentoring sessions where you get extra support to enable you to put into action the key steps to calibrate your life.

The program runs with a time investment of 3-4 hours per week. We also provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Step 3:


Whilst completing the extraordinary journey, you will begin to take powerful action to make big shifts in your life.

After the program completes, all program steps, materials and the global community of women remaining open and accessible throughout the year.

Spaces are limited

Apply now to secure your place

Who should join

This course is for you if:

1. You are clear on your purpose, passions, and talents,

but not sure how to put them all together to live the life of your dreams.

2. Your family understand your big vision and what's important to you,

but you still feel guilty every time you prioritise your life’s work and calling over them

3. You've experienced the euphoria of synchronicities, those beautiful moments

when you are doing what you’re meant to do, when you’re meant to do it, with the people you’re meant to do it with. Now that you’ve tasted it, you want more of it!

4. You've started to answer your soul's calling to do purposeful work

and make the kind of difference that you want to make but it feels like hard work and you’re not seeing the results you’d like to produce.

5. You are a professional, a business owner, retired, or in transition

And ready to create your legacy in the world or launch something new

N O W is the time to act

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to make a big shift in your life,

NOW is the time to act.

The world needs your leadership!

Dear Woman,

Let’s Take a Quantum Leap Together.

Are you ready to calibrate your life and make impact together in these extraordinary times?

Now more than ever, it’s time for the divine feminine to partner with the divine masculine to transform humanity and welcome in a new evolutionary era. Humanity requires both the yin and the yang and up until now has over relied on the yang, or masculine to create potentially disastrous results.

That’s why I’m a stand for you! I help women develop and use your natural talents to create people, teams, entreprises, and societies that are the future of humanity.

My work is equal parts my passion, purpose, and talent. Everything that I teach comes from my own personal experience. I am honoured to serve leaders like you. You want more for yourself and your life and are committed to helping others do the same.

We have a unique opportunity right now which only comes around once in a lifetime, perhaps only once in human history. Regardless of where you are right now, join us in this historic moment where what we create in the coming months will determine the next decade and beyond. Now is our time to rise.

Bea Benkova, Founder & CEO GIFEW, Program Head Mentor

Program Mentors

Learn from the Best

The Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program is co-delivered by exceptional GIFEW Faculty who are 9 experts in integrated leadership, individual and collective transformation and the new culture paradigm.

Bea Benkova, Head Mentor

GIFEW Founder & CEO

Learn more

Bea grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia believing she could be anything she wanted to be.

She thought she was destined to be the governor of a central bank when in 2006 she woke up to a health crisis in her family and the realisation that the ladder of her life she had created was leaning against the wrong wall.

Burnt out and stressed out, she got out of corporate life and embarked on a mission of healing, for herself and the women in her life.

Bea created GIFEW to fulfil on her mission for all women to fulfil on their missions and transform humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.

Sandra Epstein, Brazil

Creator of Araretama Educational System & Vibrational Essences

Learn more

Sandra is an educator in essence and action and an innovative consultant for these new times. She has the experience and ability to implement creative solutions that establish cooperation and balance amidst diversity.

This comes from her extensive research on the biological intelligence of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, a living example of cooperation with respect for differences between species.

Sandra helps women find synergy between their talents, passion and direction in life through the integration of 3 personal ecologies – self development, excellence in relationships and a positive impact in the world.

Richard Barrett, United Kingdom

Internationally recognized thought leader in the evolution of values, culture and leadership in business and society

Learn more

Richard has authored more than 10 books on leadership, leadership development, values, consciousness as well as cultural evolution in business and society.

He is responsible for developing the theory of the Universal Stages of Evolution, the concepts of personal and cultural entropy, and creating assessment instruments (based on Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs and models of higher consciousness) to map the values of individuals, organisations, communities and, nations to the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model.

He founded the Barrett Values Centre in 1997 to provide training, assessments, and support for organizations to build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture.

More recently he founded the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values to discover, incubate and develop ideas, concepts and practices that support the evolution of human consciousness.

Vik Maraj, Canada

Founder and President at Unstoppable Conversations

Learn more

Vik founded Unstoppable Conversations to support and empower corporates, non-profits and indigenous communities to produce breakthrough results.

Vik coaches global leaders to unprecedented levels of influence and impact.

His clients have gone on to make a significant difference in their communities, institutions, and their societies. Vik is a stand for women’s leadership and empowerment.

He has enabled the elimination of food poverty in the high Arctic by empowering Inuit women to take a stand for their future. Vik is part of the GIFEW Faculty of Mentors.

Gary Malkin, USA

Transformation media producer & speaker, 7- time Emmy-Award winning Composer

Learn more

During his 20 years as a nationally known composer and producer for film, television, and commercials, Gary received seven ASCAP Film and TV awards for such shows as the iconic Unsolved Mysteries TV series.

Since then, through his company, Wisdom of the World Wellness, he has focused on developing music and related resources that serve 4 goals: easing the dying process, enhancing bonding with newborns, alleviating stress for healthcare providers, and deepening heart-centered mindfulness.

Gary’s “keynote performances” have been warmly received at Google, Stanford Health, Houston Methodist Hospital, The National Organization of Arts and Health, and others.

Jazz Rasool, United Kingdom

Expanded Realities (XR) Scientist

Wendy Schneider, Canada

Transformation Leader, International award winning rancher

Nienke van Bezooijen, The Netherlands

CEO Presentation Master
Globally recognized public speaking expert for speaking authentically with impact

Jan Polak, Canada

Master Practitioner and Master Trainer in Wealth Dynamics

Meet Our Program Leaders 

Marie Soprovich, Canada

Learn more

Marie is a conscious business leader and Constellation Leader at GIFEW. Through her own courageous journey in life and business, Marie transforms people, their homes, and is a recognised leader in the home renovations business in her community.

Marie is the initiator of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business.

Katherine Longhi, UK/USA

Learn more

Katherine is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and the Director of Communication at GIFEW. Katherine is a trained Flow Consultant with Entrepreneur’s Institute and she coaches women on unlocking their purpose, passion, talents, and performance. Katherine is a leader of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business and future US Congressional candidate.

Tatiana Benkova, Slovakia

Learn more

Tatiana is an evolutionary coach and the COO at GIFEW. A former lawyer, Tatiana co-leads the GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Peace and Consciousness. Tatiana’s powerful coaching is an access for women to transform their self-expression.

The Curriculum

The Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program is an evolutionary journey through three distinct stages. Your journey begins with your relationship to yourself and progresses through your relationship to others and the world.

As part of the evolutionary process, you integrate your life and increase your ability to produce any results that your soul desires.

Module 1 (4 months)

Integrate & Lead

Discovering Your Unique Place

Create Who You Truly Are

  • Discover what you are a voice for

  • Create a powerful stand in the world

  • Integrate your life aligned with your true calling, your passions and your unique gifts

  • Distinguish and express your unique identity and brand

  • Accelerate your capacity as an authentic and effective leader in your life

Module 2 (3 months)

Resonate & Collaborate

Creating the Geometry of Constellation

  • Collaborate with Others & Express Your Voice in the World

  • Clarify your voice in the world, who you are and your expression

  • Align your energy and tune your frequency so that you experience flow and abundance Transcend your personal challenges

  • Transcend your personal challenges

  • Create new opportunities and collaborate with like-minded and like-hearted women

  • Discover and unlock synergetic collaboration

  • Express your authentic self freely in the world

  • Grow your wealth network

Module 3 (2 months)

Transform & Impact

Unlocking the Power of Constellation

Be a Vortex in the World

  • Clarify, crystallise and cultivate your vision so that it leaves an inspiring and lasting legacy

  • Operate from a new empowering paradigm of leadership

  • Engage others and mobilise available resources to accomplish a transformative impact and make a unique difference that only you can make

  • Create and align the structures in your life to support you and your ongoing work to fulfil on your purpose and meet your soul’s desires



GIFEW is the best school for your life where you can learn from the world’s top transformation leaders in a community of hundreds of women from over 20 countries.



GIFEW engages a unique combination of modern, multi–sensory approaches and cutting edge distinctions that are co-delivered by our powerful and accomplished mentors. 

Our mentors and summit speakers are the world’s leading thought leaders, authors, healers, and activists, who are experts in personal transformation.

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1. The 9 month Ultimate Feminine Calibration Program

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(valued at €1000)

3. 12 Month GIFEW membership

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4. Evolutionary Woman 2020 Program

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What Women are Saying

Stories on Bea Benkova

Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company.

Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company.

Marie Soprovich (Canada)

“Work with Bea and GIFEW has brought more joy into my life. I have connected with outstanding women who are winning in their lives.  With women who are making huge contributions to their local communities and ultimately their global community as well. Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company. It has been a joyous ride of learning, challenge, contemplation, contribution and connection… when we come together with a common focus of making the world a better place the energy rises not just from me but from all the women who are part of GIFEW and together we create an impact that transforms lives and makes an impact globally.”

Fulfilling on our true purpose

Fulfilling on our true purpose

Wendy Schneider (Canada)

“When Bea Benkova created GIFEW she created a constellation of stars in the women that have come together from around the world that now shine brighter and fuller. GIFEW is the Northstar that guides our souls to fulfilling on our true purpose.”


GIFEW has changed my life

GIFEW has changed my life

Nienke van Bezooijen (The Netherlands)

“Bea Benkova is for me the personalization of how an extraordinary woman can step up and do what needs to be done. She is a leading example of giving courage through education and collaboration in the form of a constellation. It is the result of Bea’s persistence to make this work in the world. To me her organization GIFEW changed my life so I can contribute in a solid group of female leaders globally, to create synergy in the masculine and feminine qualities.”

The catalyst for my career

“GIFEW education has been the catalyst for my career and my life over the past 5 years. It helped me to set up my first NGO and discover my real soul purpose – children! I’m now monetizing my purpose fundraising for children with chronic diseases and helping them to regain their health. I am committed that all children everywhere live healthy lives.

Thanks to GIFEW’s transformational education, I now have the tools to fulfill on my purpose and explode my impact on the world.”

Andrea Tittellova (Slovakia)

Feeling grounded

“I started my Evolutionary Journey Prologue right when Covid hit.

What I discovered on the program is that life doesn’t have to be hard. I connected with amazing women who are part of my life now forever. They propel me forward to a new realm of healing.

I now feel grounded and like I’m ready to make a big impact on the world!”

Jill Boychuck (Canada)

Dream come true!

“We have the best community in the world!

“GIFEW is a dream come true. You might have heard the expression ‘walking dictionary?’ Well in GIFEW we are walking, talking leaders. GIFEW is the courageous and safe space to practice my leadership. I can be vulnerable and free to talk about my ambition. I don’t have to hide my emotions. I can be ambitious and everybody cheers for me. This isn’t common in Asian culture. I’m so glad I found it in GIFEW.”

Dayeoung Kim (South Korea)

GIFEW helped me to find my place in the world

GIFEW helped me to find my place in the world

Sandra Deakin, Tv-radio host, International speaker and life coach

Once I joined GIFEW my soul felt at home. For years I had been going through huge transformations, dying again and again  and being reborn again and again.The drive behind this transformation was to be able to live my soul’s purpose.

After this transformation I felt a bit lost in the world : who was I now ? GIFEW helped me to find my place in the world and see my own brilliance. They supported me with so much unconditional love to live, create and act from this whole new soullevel.

I feel so grateful to be guided by awakened women who are very grounded at the same time. This is what the world needs today ‘awakened people who take action’.

GIFEW gave me so much confidence to live and act from my true essence.

I feel so embrased by this beautiful international groupe of soulleaders. Gratitude is here