GIFEW Masterclass with Jan Polak

The Top 3 Blocks

To Monetizing Your Purpose

Discover the top 3 blocks to monetising your purpose that will disrupt your current perspective and relationship to money and help you understand, give, and receive your true value.

Master Trainer

Jan Polak

9 June

6:30 - 8 pm UK time

“You must begin to understand, therefore, that the present state of your bank account, your sales, your health, your social life, your position at work, etc, is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking.” - Bob Proctor

In these unprecedented times you might be worrying about the future and what it holds for you and those you care about. 


We’re constantly bombarded by images and stories from the media about what we should be fearing - loss of jobs, loved ones, houses, or even worse, loss of ourselves. 


That’s why it’s so important that we’re proactively designing the future that we want.  Otherwise we risk a new wave of crisis crashing down on us. 

The key to purposely and intentionally creating the life of our dreams is available to us through monetising our purpose.


In fact, it’s the only way to truly weather any storm or circumstance because it puts us back in the driving seat of our own lives. 


Through trusting ourselves, trusting others, and creating a trusted community, we establish a personal, financial, and spiritual flow that makes things happen. 


It makes magic.

If you’d like to make magic and unblock your money mindset, don’t miss this groundbreaking masterclass with Jan Polak. 


This is an opportunity to be taught by an expert in purpose-driven enterprises and the pioneer of the New Business Paradigm. 

As a result of your participation in the masterclass, you will:

  • Find out what’s holding you back from monetising your purpose
  • Discover your own value and get tips on how to ask what you’re worth
  • Learn simple actions that you can take to release energetic, financial, and spiritual flow
  • Discover support structures that will enable you to take bold action in monetising your purpose

This is a unique opportunity to be taught by one of the world’s leading experts on creating and growing purposeful leaders and enterprises. 


This 90-min masterclass comes with a playbook to play with during the interactive session. 


This is a hands-on and dynamic class so please come prepared to maximise your experience and learning.  You’re going to get so much value!

Jan Polak

Master Trainer, Master Practitioner and Master Trainer in Wealth Dynamics

Jan is a pioneer of the new business paradigm and purpose-driven enterprise as well as an international advisor, facilitator, trainer, and coach of leaders and entrepreneurs. He is committed to empowering, leading, and supporting entrepreneurs and businesses to evolve, thrive and be a force for good. 

As one of world’s few Master Practitioners and Master Trainers in Wealth Dynamics, Jan uses a unique approach for entrepreneurs to find their natural flow, build synergistic collaboration and stay on purpose in business.  

Jan is a GIFEW Faculty member and a strong advocate for purposeful enterprises and a holistic approach to business.  Jan empowers entrepreneurs and enterprises to propel humanity forward.

“Know the flow—take responsibility for the way your money moves in the world. Let your soul inform your money and your money express your soul.” - Lynne Twist