What Happened Already: March-April 2013

GIFEW’s global reach and our educational programs live online. Some of you might think there is a lack of personal interaction and no contact with real people. You believe you would prefer the personal touch and are not inclined to do your personal education alone with the only interaction being with your computer. You might conclude this is not for you but..

—- Have you ever though that your opportunities are limited by restricting it to your physical location and the people with whom you are surrounded?

Let us show you different perspective: we have decided to take advantage of modern technology and online communication to connect you with the world, to bring you the best and most effective transformational programs we developed and tested on hundreds of women globally by now. All of our programs are group programs that support and encourage collaboration. You can still live where you live and by joining a community of like-minded women who are on the same path, you also gain access to resources, knowledge and people on a global scale. Your opportunities rapidly expand.

And more then that, there are numerous opportunities for personal meetings with the GIFEW team and GIFEW graduates. In the past two months:

  • We hosted introduction events in London, Prague, and Bratislava.
  • We attended the Women’s Summit conference in Brno.
  • We addressed the Inspired Women’s Conference and attended The Real Women Forum.
  • There were several inspired gatherings of Femina Fusion Foundation graduates in various cities.


We hope to meet you at the next gathering!
IMG_2960 summit
IMG_2775 IMG_2686 IMG_2767what happenned


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